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Rudolph Hennig Junior High Moving to "AT HOME" Online learning

Rudolph Hennig has currently shifted to online learning. We look forward to seeing our students online starting on Tuesday, May 4, 2021!

Students are asked to please refer to the "At Home Daily Bell Schedule" below to access scheduled times that classes will occur. 

At Home Daily Bell Schedule

Students are asked to access their classes through video conferencing links embedded within their Brightspace pages.  Individual cohort schedules are featured below, please click on the link to view your class schedules for the next two weeks (May 4 to 17):

Cohort 71 Schedule                   Cohort 81 Schedule                 Cohort 91 Schedule

Cohort 72 Schedule                   Cohort 82 Schedule                 Cohort 92 Schedule

Cohort 73 Schedule                   Cohort 83 Schedule                 Cohort 93 Schedule

Cohort 74 Schedule                   Cohort 84 Schedule                 Cohort 94 Schedule

Cohort 75 Schedule                   Cohort 85 Schedule                 

Cohort 76 Schedule                   Cohort 86 Schedule                 

                                               Cohort 87 Schedule


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