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To contact our Secretary,  Donna Gaumont , the Principal, Sue Freiheit, or the Assistant Principal, Justin Mazur, phone 780 998 2216.

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School Education Plan

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Info for Grade Nine Parents

Grade 9 Parents


Grade 9 students will be registering for high school in the next few months and it’s important to be looking at what courses and programs are available, what courses your grade 9 student is hoping to register in and what the prerequisite marks are,to have the best chance for success in their grade 10 year.  Students have had the opportunity to explore diffierent skills, strengths, interests, as well as possible career paths in the grade 9 Health program.  It is always important to have parents involved in the exploration process so if you would like to look at some of the resources we have made use of, please try the following:

Username:  hennig                       Passowrd:  ravens

This is an excellent program which gives students to opportunity to explore a vast range of skills, interests and careers.  Students can look at careers based on interests, favorite school subjects, skill levels and strengths.  Students will create a personal portfolio, if they have not already done so, making it possible to save and continually re-evaluate choices as they go through high school. They can look at the day to day realities of given jobs, education requirements, high school expectations, range of salary, benefits, and more. We recently had personnel from Careers Under Construction provide presentations on creating a resume.  Students can save their resumes in their Career Corner portfolio, so they are available for editing and submitting when they are looking for those first jobs.




This is also an excellent website, created by the Alberta government.  There is a wide array of career options, clusters, education requirements, specific job information like daily tasks,work environment,  benefits, salary ranges and much more.  There is also a direct link to the Alberta Apprenticehip board, among others.  This site is a great reference.


We are currently reviewing high school requirments with students, as we start the planning process for registration.  Please feel free to check out the student handbook for the school your child is looking to register at.  Fort High personnel will come and talk with students before they register, in order to answer any questions students have about their high school path.



If your grade 9 student is considering attending an Elk Island Public Schools high school that is no their designated site, please take note of the following.


Boundary Exemption Process 2015 - 16


Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) reminds families that the boundary exemption request process will take place February 17 to March 13, 2015 for students who want to attend a non-designated school in the 2015-2016 school year. Boundary Exemption forms will be available online starting February 10.  Interested families must fill out and submit the Boundary Exemption Request Form to the requested school, within the range of given dates.

More info about the exemption process, key dates, a list of schools with closed boundaries, & frequently asked questions is available on the division website (

***Please note that the dates above are final.  All forms must be completed and submitted by March 13 or your reqests will NOT be considered.


If your grade 9 student is planning to register at a high school that is not within Elk Island Public schools, you will need to contact the school personally and make an appointment to meet with the counsellor to discuss registration options.

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