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Rudolph Hennig Students Take the Vow of Silence

On April 17, join Craig Kielburger, and Malala Yousafzai as they go silent for 24 hours for the millions of girls around the world facing poverty, exploitation and the denial of their human right to education.

Take your own vow of silence for an issue you care about and let your silence roar.


Rudolph Hennig Students Participate in Me to We Food Security Workshop


On Thursday April 10, twenty five students from grades 7 – 9 participated in a workshop presented by Me To We speakers Joanna Lim and Jason (J Dawg) Frittaion.  Joanna and Jason came to Hennig as part of the PotashCorp Food Security Speaking Tour, and gave their presentation during a school assembly.  They then spent the afternoon with a group of students, identifying the global and local implications of issues related to food security, including the 3 key  challenges of availability, access and adequate amount of nutritious food available to people.  They were very impressed with the enthusiasm, participation and positive energy of the students involved.  The last part of the afternoon involved the participants, divided into two groups, brainstorming and sharing activities we could put together and host in our school, to raise awareness of globas social justice issues including poverty, lack of clean, accessible drinking water and food, and education for all, as well as funds for local and global projects.


There were some surprising, shocking statistics and facts that stuck out to some of our workshop participants, such as:


  • It would cost 30 billion dollars to eradicate the hunger problem and globally, we spend 45 billion dollars a year on ice cream.

  • 1 in 3 children, globally, suffers from malnutrition while 1 in 5 are overweight or obese.

  • There actually IS enough food produced in the world, to feed everyone.  It just doesn’t get to where it’s needed, with ongoing poverty and the global economy being contributing factors.


Way to go Ravens, striving to “Be the Change”.


Grade 9 Parents info going into Grade 10 at Fort High

FORT HIGH registration information evening is Tuesday from 7:00-8:30pm. It is a drop in open house event to tour the school and ask questions about programs.

The is a parent planning meeting for gr. 9 Farewell on Monday (the 14th) at 7 in the libraryThe purpose is to inform interested parents in current plans and insure there is enough support/ volunteers to put together and supervise the get together after Dow ceremony. 

Do you need a Boundary Exemption?

Information On Measles

Check out our new calendar on the website, we will be working to keep it as accurate as possible. 

Click Here to see some of the incredible work done by our students as part of the NATION WIDE RCMP Anti Cyberbullying Conference 

Student  gmails accounts are now active for every student, student accounts are as follows:, the password is your student Id number, if you have a hyphen name or a ST in your name please check with the office or a teacher and we can look up you address for you

If you have an absence to report or a question please contact our front office person Donna Gaumont 

Have your say in Fort Saskatchewan’s future

The City of Fort Saskatchewan is in the process of planning our programs and services for the next four years, and we would like to hear from you!

We are inviting citizens, community groups and local businesses to share their thoughts on priorities for our community going forward, starting with a phone and online survey conducted by Banister Research. Results from these surveys will be analysed and further opportunities for input provided during community meetings and focus group sessions to be held in early May.

All of the feedback gathered through surveys and discussions will be compiled into a report, which Council will use to finalize the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan and determine programs and services to be funded during the operating and capital budget process this fall.

You can access the online survey, which will be available until April 16, through the city’s website at

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If you would like to register your child for the 2014-15 school year, please drop by during school hours and talk to Joe Clark, Justin Mazur  or our Main Reception person, Donna Gaumont .

Good Day and Welcome to the new Rudolph Hennig Junior High School.  If you are looking for the French Immersion K-6 school, École Parc Élémentaire, please follow this link.

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If you were a student at Fort Junior High and are just moving across to Rudolph Hennig, your registration information will be transferred for you. 

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