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Guide to Reporting Student Achievement

We believe every student can learn and experience success. One of the ways we help students learn and succeed is to carefully evaluate their achievement and growth, and to share that information with parents and guardians.

This guide will help parents and guardians understand:

  • assessment;
  • the responsibilities of students, staff, and parents and guardians;
  • how and when achievement information will be communicated or reported;
  • how marks and grades are determined; and
  • the steps taken when summative assessments are missing or incomplete.

Parents and guardians are the key influences in a child's life. Understanding how a child is achieving in school and how to support that achievement is integral to success in school. Parents and guardians are encouraged to read this guide and contact our school’s administration with any questions or if further information is required.

Click here to read the Guide to Reporting Student Achievement 2021-2022

The staff of Rudolph Hennig Junior High welcomes you. We are committed to fostering success in all our students. We believe that respect for yourself and others, a desire to always do your best, and a positive attitude will guide you to success. 

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