Basketball Season


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2021-22 League Information

League schedules will also be posted here with the majority of the games being played on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Updated tournament schedules are posted below so you can plan accordingly. We have also added a league standings page below so you can see how all the teams are doing in league play.

Basketball teams have now been selected. Practice schedule and also the 2021 Eips League schedule will be posted below.





Practice Times

Jr Girls - Monday pm 3-5 Wed 7 am

Jr Boys - Tues 7 am and Thurs 7 am

Sr Girls - Tues pm 3 - 5 and Fri 7 am

Sr Boys - Mon 7am and Wed 3-5

Am Practices start @ 7 am (doors open at 6:45)

Pm practices are from 3:15-5:15

Practice times may change depending on when games are played.

If you have any questions, please ask Mr. Hughes or email @


We will be live streaming our home games and tournaments. Please click on the link below to watch

Sr Girls Basketball Tournament @ Ardrossan

Sr Boys Basketball Tournament @ ABJ

Sr Boys and Girls Basketball Game @ SCA

Jr boys and Girls Basketball Eips Tournament Dec 2-4

Sr basketball League Game vs Sherwood heights Dec 7th

Sr Boys and Girls Basketball League Game vs Lakeland Ridge Dec 14th

Jr Boys and Girls Basketball League Game vs Sherwood Heights Dec 16th

Sr Girls and Boys League Game vs Haythorne Dec 20th (No sound)

Sr Basketball Games Vs St Andre Besette Feb 1

Jr Basketball Games vs Ardrossan Feb 3

Jr Basketball Games vs Lakeland Ridge Feb 16

Ravens Jr Basketball vs Haythorne

RHJ vs ABJ SR Teams Basketball

Jr Basketball Vs CloverBar March 2

Jr Basketball Boys Vs Ardrossan Playoffs March 7

2021-22 Basketball Teams and Coaches

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Jr Girls

Kendra Fisk 11

Hannah Maas 2

Cora Hines 7

CJ Brooks 9

Kayla Misik 6

Morgan Denty 13

Zoe Brunnee 10

Violet Riddell 1                                                                                       

Audrina Adams 14

Addison Harder 15

Megan Peirson 23

Allison Carew 3

Coaches - Ms. Abercrombie 

Liaison - Mr.Hughes


Jr Boys

Braxton Brook 8

Brody Clarke 3

Noah Corbin 2

Slade Davis 13

Parker Kelly 7

Noah Kimmie 1

Landen Klassen 11

Nolan Luimes 15

Grady Malo 6

Alex Pinno 9

Carson Ross 14

Marcus Taylor 10

Coach - Mr. Launhardt


Sr Girls 

Lianna Penno 4

Kathryn Forsyth 9

Fatomata Tourey 5

Maddie Goudreau 7

Molly Mckee 8

Rebecca Reed 14

Maddie Larson 11

Daphne LaRocque Walker 6

Ashlin Rusnell 13

Shelby Chomik 10

Jorja McNeil 15


Coach - Mrs. Lyndsey Reed 

Liaison - Mr. Hughes


Sr Boys 

Taylor Percy 4 

Zach Mountian 14

Aaron Hunt 6

Dan Niemiec 9

Tao Breit 12

Parker Sawada 2

Yuvi Virk 13

Isaac Parsons 5

Corvin Dunham 8

Ralph Dinaguit 3

Emerson Reed 7

Tyson Brunelle 10

Ashely Mc Master 15

Coach - Mr. Sorenson - Mr. Hughes

Ravens 2021-22 Tournaments

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Ravens Jr Basketball Tournaments 2021-22

Eips - Dec 2-4

Hosted by SCA

Eips Jr Boys Tournament

Eips Jr Girls Tournament

St. Theresa - Jan 14-15 (Cancelled due to new guidelines)

Ardrossan - Feb 24-25-26 

Jr Boys and Girls Ardrossan Basketball Tournament Draws Feb 25-26


Raven Sr Basketball Tournaments 2021-22

Eips - Nov 25-27 Completed

Boys hosted by ABJ (See attached schedule below)

Eips Sr Boys Schedule 

Girls hosted by ARD (See attached schedule below)

Eips Sr Girls Schedule

Ardrossan - Jan 7-8 (Cancelled)

Fort Christian - Feb 25-26 (New Rescheduled Date)

Sr Basketball Tournament @ Fort Christian Feb 25-26