Basketball Season

Basketball Season 2018

League schedules will also be posted here with the majority of the games being played on Thursday nights. Updated tournament schedules are posted below so you can plan accordingly. We have also added a league standings page below so you can see how all the teams are doing in league play.


2018 Regular Season Basketball Practice Schedule


Jr Girls - Monday morning @ 7 am and Tuesday afterschool from 3 pm - 5

Coaches - Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Pieterse


Jr Boys - Wednesday morning @ 7am and Friday afterschool from 3pm -5 pm

Coach - Mr. Ryan Nelson

Liaison - Mr.Hughes


Sr Girls - Monday afterschool from 3pm - 5  and Tuesday morning @ 7am

Coach - Miss Katie Roshuk

Liaison - Mr. Hughes


Sr Boys - Wednesday afterschool from 3 - 5 and Friday morning @ 7 am

Coach - Mr.Sorenson - Mr.Hughes


2018-19 Basketball League Schedule

Jr Basketball Tournaments 2019

Sr Basketball Tournaments 2019