Volleyball Regular Season 2018

Coaches/Practice Times for Volleyball 2018


Jr Boys -Mr.Hughes/Mr.Wlos

Practice Times - Monday morning 7 am 

Monday/Friday Lunch Practices 12:24-1:05


Jr Girls -Mrs. Heartwell/Miss Khunkhun 

Practice Times - Monday After school 3-5 Wednesday Morning 7 am


Sr Boys - Mr.Gerrie

Practice Times - Tuesday After school 3-5 Friday Morning 7 am


Sr. Girls - Mr Kutt + Mrs. Bayer

Practice Times - Tuesday Morning 7 am  Wednesday After school 3-5


Eips Small School Volleyball League Schedule 2018 

Sr Volleyball Tournaments 2018 

Jr Volleyball Tournaments 2018 


Just some more information on the upcoming volleyball league play. League play starts in late September for the Sr Teams and early October for the Jr Teams. All team members should have been issued a schedule with all league game times and locations. I have added all the regular season league games to the calendar below. After the season is complete I will also update the playoff schedule once we know the dates and times.

Reminder to parents that students will be provided bus transportation to away league games but their will be no transportation to any tournament games. The boys will play first up to and including October 19. Games will start as close to 4 pm as possible.

Thank you 

Tony Hughes