Counsellor's Corner

Celebrating and Looking Ahead

We would like to thank all the members of the Raven community, including students, families and staff, for their incredible generosity during our Christmas Hamper Campaign this year.  We had such a wide array of foods, gifts and toiletries come in this year, thanks to our points system, we know we'll be contributing to an easier, kinder Christmas season, for many Fort Saskatchewan families.  Special thanks to the Me to We members and Leadership students who helped gather, weigh, tabulate points and load everything onto the trucks for delivery.

Also a big shout out and thanks to Isaac McNeill and co., from Heartland Ford (Ford is a national WE sponsor) for picking up and delivering our donations to the Hamper depot.  We couldn't have done it without you.

2nd Annual Drive-By Bottle Drive

A reminder that from January 6 - 10, we'll be holding our second annual drive-by bottle drive, so if you have some empties that you'd be willing to donate, and you drive your child to school, we'll have some Me to We members ready to take them off your hands, every morning that first week we are back from the holiday.  If you'd like to bring in bottles at a different time, please call or email Ms. Nelson (, to make arrangements. Now that we've completed two local projects, we are eager to start our global project.

Battery Collection

We'll be collecting used household batteries for the remainder of the school year, so please bring in your used batteries to the library, where we have a collection bin.

Why collect batteries???

"Each year, hundreds of thousands of children die due to complications associated with zinc deficiency. One AA battery contains the same amount of zinc that can save the lives of six children.

During the Zinc Saves Lives Battery Recycling Campaign, Teck partners with Call2Recycle to help keep batteries out of landfills and help get zinc to those who need it most. For every battery recycled, Teck will donate the equivalent value of the zinc recycled to WE in support of their zinc and health program in WE villages in Kenya."