Ravens Badminton

Ravens Badminton Tournament

Ravens Badminton Tryouts will start at the completion of the basketball season. Please listen to announcements to hear the dates and times of the tryouts. If you have any questions, please ask Mr. Belyk or Mr. Hughes.

The Badminton season is basically the entire month of April and finishes in the first week of May. Once the teams are fully picked we will post practice times for the Sr. and Jr. Teams. Practices may be in the am or pm depending on the coaches availabity. 


Practice Times 

Jr Badminton 

Monday - Wednesday - Friday - from 3:10 - 5:30

Sr Badminton 

Monday from 5:15 - 7 pm 

Tuesday and Thursday from 3:10 - 5:30


We are registered in 3 tournaments this year.

Jr Tournaments

Ravens Badminton April 9 Jr

Ardrossan Bison Smash April 23 Jr

Eips County Meet


Sr Tournaments 

Ardrossan Bison Smash April 9 Sr 

Monday April 11 at St. Andre Bissette Exhibition Play – (3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Ravens Badminton April 23 Sr 

Eips County Meet

Sr /Jr Badminton Teams

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Sr Badminton Roster 2022


Blake Davis 

Quentin Myles

Noah Desmet

Alex Andruchow

Daniel Niemiec

Taylor Percy

Oscar Podlosky

Deegan Jewell



Kiera Dunbar

Anastasia McDougall

Ashlin Rusnell

Vanessa Wysocki

Hanneen Pertew

Kennedy McGeough

Sophia Akiwenzie

Jannea Secrist

Abby Prince


Jr Badminton Roster 2022



Nathan DeSmet 

Judah Wurtz 

Alex Pinno 

Noah Kimmie 

Alex Wolfe 

Aiden Munro 

Reid Krisher 

Cohen LeFebvre 

Harper Adamyk 



Molly McKee

Maddie Gaudreau

Taylor Thiel 

Morgan Denty

Kendra Fisk 

Brielle Felske

Addison Harder

Madison VanHecke-Field

Julie Ridgely

Aven Yanch

Addyson Gervais

Molly McKee

Maddie Gaudreau